Chroot Rescue / Installer

Current release

CRI 20181025 allows you to boot following live systems:

CRI systems are loaded to and run from RAM. While it is possible to run some of them on 512 MB of RAM it is recommended to have at least 1 GB, preferably 2 GB of RAM, especially if you plan to install additional software in live systems.

CRI can be run under following kernels:

Following software is available in rescue systems:


Current release allows you to install following systems using pre-built, systemd free CRI chroots:

CRI also supports direct installation of base system from distribution mirrors. Following systems can be installed:

Note: installing Debian or Devuan testing or unstable may fail or result in broken system. It depends on current state of packages in these distributions.

Here is short installation howto. It is also available in all CRI rescue systems.