Chroot Rescue / Installer


CRI is bootable Linux based rescue and installer disk. It contains set of tools which will allow you to access and fix broken Linux installations as well as install new systems.

CRI is systemd free. It means that systemd is not used in any of CRI rescue systems. Also all systems installed using CRI will not be using systemd. If installed system allows it you can of course switch to systemd. Check you distribution documentation for instructions how to do it.

Why CRI doesn't like systemd? For same reasons it was removed from TLD Linux - systemd is way too immature, too unpredictable and introduces too radical changes with new releases. Therefore it is too unstable to use on production systems.

If you find CRI useful and want to support future developement please consider donating me.


Current release allows you to boot following live systems:

TLD Linux, Ubuntu Server and Debian systems are available in 32-bit and 64-bit architectures and need 1 GB of RAM to boot. Mini Linux is based on 32-bit (i686) binaries and will boot with just 272 MBs of RAM.

Rescue can be run under following kernels:

Following software is available in rescue systems:


Current release allows you to install following systems (both 32-bit and 64-bit):

Following software is included:

Here is short installation howto. It is also available in all CRI rescue systems.