Chroot Rescue / Installer


Q: Will CRI offer live rescue systems based on other Linux distributions?
A: Perhaps. Centos and Devuan may be added, but thats all. It is very unlikely that other distributions will be supported unless someone will help maintaining CRI. For now its a one-man project.

Q: What systems can be installed using CRI?
A: TLD Linux, Ubuntu Server LTS and Debian. Centos and Devuan may be supported in future releases. Other distributions may be available if someone will volunteer to prepare and maintain system images.

Q: Software I need is not available in live rescue. Can I install it somehow?
A: Except Mini Linux, yes. Please configure and start network and then use poldek (in TLD) or apt-get (in Ubuntu/Debian) to install desired packages. Keep in mind that rescue systems are working in RAM. If you'll fill rescue filesystem you'll also fill your RAM and rescue system will crash badly.

Q: Can I make bootable USB disk with CRI?
A: Yes. You just need to install GRUB2 on your USB disk and copy contents of CRI disk to it. To install GRUB2 run following command: grub-install --force --no-floppy --boot-directory=/mnt/usb/boot /dev/sdX where /mnt/usb is directory at which your USB disk is mounted and /dev/sdX is device name assigned to your USB disk.

Q: Can I personalize / modify CRI for my needs?
A: No. CRI developement environment is not and will not be publicly available.


If you have any bug reports or requests please send them to TLD Developers mailing list.

If you have other questions or you want to help developing CRI or you want to create and maintain live resuce or system images based on other distributions contact me directly: hawk (at) tld-linux (dot) org