Chroot Rescue / Installer


CRI is bootable Linux based rescue and installer disk. It contains set of tools which will allow you to access and fix broken Linux installations as well as install new systems.

CRI is systemd free. It means that systemd is not used in any of CRI rescue systems. Also all systems installed using CRI chroots will not be using systemd. Direct network installations will allow you to choose between SysVinit, Upstart and systemd if possible (depends on distribution and version).

Why CRI doesn't like systemd? It is just big, overcomplicated replacement of well known and rock solid Linux utilities that just do their job and do it well for years. It introduces too radical changes, tries to do too much (with various results), can easily take your system down or prevent it from booting... It is simply too unpredictable and too unstable to use on production systems. If it ain't broke don't fix it.

If you find CRI useful and want to support future developement please consider donating me.