Chroot Rescue / Installer


Q: Will CRI offer live rescue systems based on other Linux distributions?
A: It is very unlikely that other distributions will be supported.

Q: What systems can be installed using CRI?
A: TLD Linux, Debian, Devuan and Ubuntu Server LTS.

Q: Software I need is not available in live rescue. Can I install it somehow?
A: Please configure and start network and then use poldek (in TLD) or apt-get (in Debian/Devuan/Ubuntu) to install desired packages. Keep in mind that rescue systems are working in RAM. If you'll fill rescue filesystem you'll also fill your RAM and rescue system will crash badly.

Q: Can I make bootable USB disk with CRI?
A: You just need to install GRUB2 on your USB disk and copy contents of CRI disk to it. To install GRUB2 run following command: grub-install --force --no-floppy --boot-directory=/mnt/usb/boot /dev/sdX where /mnt/usb is directory at which your USB disk is mounted and /dev/sdX is device name assigned to your USB disk.

Q: Can I personalize / modify CRI for my needs?
A: No. CRI developement environment is not and will not be publicly available.


If you have any bug reports, requests or questions feel free to mail me: hawk (at) tld-linux (dot) org